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Ballots are out, time to VOTE!

Your Vote

Ballots have been hitting the mailboxes in Chaffee County and it’s time to vote!

The Republican Party has many candidates on the local ballot and we need your support to keep Chaffee County a great place to live without extra government control and regulations the other candidates will bring to our area.  We are also seeing several new taxes on the ballot that will directly affect everyone living in the county.  Your VOTE will decide if we need these additional funds for the good of the county.


Rusty Granzella – County Commissioner, Dee Dee Copper – Treasurer, Brenda Mosby – Assessor, John Speeze – Sheriff, Dave Slavish – Coroner

The State races are also extremely important as we saw what happened when the others took the House, Senate and Governor’s Mansion a few years ago.  We need your support to prevent the unaffordable single payer healthcare, more laws to take away your rights to own firearms, more taxes to fund special projects and expansion of state regulations and the attempt to remove the taxpayer bill of rights (TABOR).


Walker Stapleton – Governor, Wayne Williams – Secretary of State, Brian Watson – Treasurer, George Brauchler – Attorney General, Ken Montera – CU Regent at large, Chance Hill – CU Regent CD 5, Olen Lund – SD 5, Jim Wilson – HD 60.

Mail or take your ballots down today!

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