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About Us

The CCRCC meets every 2nd Monday of each month at 6 p.m., alternating each month between Salida and Buena Vista. All general CCRCC meetings are open to the public & anyone wanting to be involved is encouraged to attend.

The schedule and times of meetings can be found on the calendar. Watch for changes in location.

What is The CCRCC and What Does It Do?

The Chaffee County Central Committee (CCRCC) performs functions described in the Colorado election laws and as described by the state Republican Party.

Our bylaws indicate that our purposes include conducting the Republican caucuses, informing electors about Republican principles, encouraging Republican affiliation, dissemination of political information, promoting support for Republican candidates, raising fund for the Republican party, encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote and helping to achieve the objectives of the state and national Republican parties.

All CCRCC meetings are open to the public. Anyone attending may enter the discussions however only members of the CCRCC or their designated proxies may vote at meetings.

Members of the CCRCC include:

2 precinct captains from each of the county’s 15 precincts. They are elected within their precinct meetings at the caucuses or are appointed by the CCRCC Executive Committee to fill vacancies.

Members at Large are elected at the biannual election of officers. All positions are for a 2-year term.

Any person who has been a registered Republican in Chaffee County for one year who is nominated for and elected as an officer of the CCRCC at the biennial election.

Members of the CCRCC are expected to attend the monthly meetings, unless excused ahead of time, and to be involved in the activities of the CCRCC.