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Long Time Republican Speaks to CPRW

Collegiate Peaks Republican Women invited a special Republican to their February meeting.  Charlotte Smith is a lifelong member of the Republican party.  She spoke to them about the purpose of standing committees in the organization as well as encouraged the members to become well-informed citizens who are able to represent their party in a positive manner.  At 97, she is a good example for everyone.  Pictured are Jody Phelps,  Trish Confer, Erin Godonis, Bonnie Mausbach, Connie Robb, Jan Cummings, Bonnie Heap, Karen Farber, Sandy Farrell, Margaret Slavish, Judy McKinley, Cherri Williams, Bea Harnish, Marge Allen, LaRae Raine Garretson, and Charlotte Smith.New Picture