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The Facts Behind Our “DID YOU KNOW” Ads


  • 83% of doctors have considered quitting due to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Get the details on that result and others at
  • Obamacare taxes make drugs & medical devices more expensive. has the story on this and 19 other Obamacare taxes.
  • Up to 35 million Americans will lose employer health insurance because of Obamacare. Read about Obamacare’s coercion of employers at


  • President Obama’s policies have produced the worst economic recovery since the Depression. reports on the non-recovery here.
  • One out of every 7 Americans is now on food stamps. This alarming fact is straight from the Congressional Budget Office and is reported here on
  • Millions of stimulus dollars were given to foreign companies to create jobs outside the U.S. has the facts.


  • Income inequality between rich and poor has worsened under President Obama. Even the Huffington Post considers this story newsworthy.
  • President Obama pays the women working in the White House 18% less than he pays the men. The reports on Obama White House mistreatment of women here.
  • 36 White House staff members owe over $800,000 in back taxes. This tale of shirking taxes is told by here.


  • President Obama’s policies have kept unemployment above 8% for a record 43 months. This distressing level and duration of unemployment is reported by in this story.
  • President Obama was “too busy” to meet with his Job Council for over 6 months this year. has the story here.
  • President Obama attended 106 fundraisers in those 6 months. His preference for golf over jobs was revealed in this report from


  • Family income has shrunk by $4300 under President Obama. points to this as fact #1 on its list of things to consider in this presidential election.
  • The average U.S. family is now poorer than the average Canadian family. This first-time-ever situation is documented in this story on
  • The price of gas has doubled under President Obama, and ground beef is at a record high. published the gasoline facts here. The beef story is reported by here.


  • President Obama has skipped 60% of his daily intelligence briefings this year. He skipped all the briefings in the week before our ambassador to Libya was murdered. He also skipped the briefing the day after the murder, but he did go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. This dereliction of duty is documented by the Washington Post here and here.


  • Your share of the national debt under President Obama is $36,000 and it’s growing fast. See this report from
  • There’s been no federal budget since 2009 because Senate Democrats won’t pass one. has the story.
  • 50% of worker earnings just go to pay for government spending. Get the facts in this analysis from

Check back here every week between now and election day for more evidence that President Obama isn’t working. The evidence will also be published in the Mountain Mail and the Chaffee County Times.

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